Welcome to the Winter Working Connections wiki!

This type of online space allows the CTC to not only provide information but it also
  • Allows each workshop instructor the flexibility of building their own workshop pages.
    • The instructors of each of the two-day workshops will be adding notes and links on their workshop page. That way you're able to check out the resources from ALL the workshops even though you will only be able to participate in one in person.
  • Lets each attendee choose how they want to receive event updates. NOTE:There is no need to sign in to the wiki in order to access information, receive updates and/or participate in discussions.
    • The “Notify Me” tab at the top of each page will allow you to setup how you get notified to a change or post that has been made on that page.

The”Discussion” tab at the top of each page will allow you to comment on a topic. If you have questions, comments or other suggestions please use the Discussion tab - we'll make sure to respond as soon as we can!

If you need more help with these two tabs click here for more information. Remember: There is no need to sign in to access information on the Winter Working Connections wiki.

For more information on how to start up your own Wikispaces page or how Wikispaces can help in the classrooms. Click on the links below

iTips for Teachers - Wikispaces Part 1 (Introduction) from STV - Strathcona Television on Vimeo.

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