Control Systems Security (Room H241)

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Mobile applications can fit in technology classrooms from examples in introductory courses to a complete semester-long topics course. The subject of mobile applications can be integrated into programming, networking, information technology and even business management courses. This overview allows the novice to build simple applications by the end of the two-day course. Examples will use Android-based platforms.

Our nation depends on a vast and interconnected critical infrastructure. This infrastructure is divided into sectors such as Energy, Chemical, Banking and Finance, Nuclear, and others. Most of these are owned by the private sector. Although each of these sectors is different, they all are dependent on control systems to monitor, control, and safeguard them. Securing these systems is vital to our national security, public health and safety, economic vitality, and way of life.

In this workshop, participants will:
  • Explore what a control system is and its role in the nation’s critical infrastructure
  • Examine the current threats to control systems
  • Complete hands-on labs demonstrating how a PLC (programmable logic controller) is used in a control system
  • Complete hands-on labs demonstrating how PLC’s can be compromised
  • Examine methods for securing control systems
This two day hands-on workshop provides faculty with core knowledge and skills required to offer a course in Control Systems Security. Strong computer science skills are required to participate in the workshop. Faculty should have knowledge in the following areas:
  • Computer networking and manual configuration of machines.
    • IP addressing
    • Network Interface Card (NIC) configuration
    • Network Protocols
    • Packet structure & transmission
  • Computer operating systems
    • Windows XP, Windows 7, & Windows 2003
    • Linux
      • Command line
  • VMware virtual machine experience preferred. Hands-on labs will be completed using VMware virtual machines.

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